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relationships & special occasions

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Best friends get hilarious matching tattoos after scary incident

A story posted by Twitter user @garbagecoven tells the tale of two best friends who come together after a third friend is wounded while trying to defend a woman.

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When Mike Gosselin's best friends, Garth and Andy, found out he had been stabbed, they rushed to the hospital where Gosselin was being treated to offer their love and support. 

But they also offered some comic relief during a stressful situation by showing Gosselin a special surprise -- a thoughtful tattoo they had gotten in his honor.

<iframe src="//;border=false" width="100%" height="750" frameborder="no" allowtransparency="true"></iframe><script src="//;border=false"></script>[View the story "Best friends get matching semicolon tattoos" on Storify]Best friends get matching semicolon tattoosStorified by CMGNationalNews· Tue, Jul 26 2016 16:27:29This story's about the best joke ive ever been a part of. It starts on this night in 2010; I got a call that my best friend had been stabbedgarthMy friend Scott, a strong and confident guy, spoke in a hushed & shaking voice. He said "I wanted to let you know Mike was stabbed in LA."garthThere was more to the conversation, but it's all a blur. All that I, in Seattle, could think was: my best friend is dying as we speak.garthMike was walking with a group of friends in Echo Park to the Short Stop, a wonderful dance spot, for a friend's birthday.garthShort Stop had a line out the door, so the group decided to just walk back to the apartment they were at to continue partying there.garthOn the 2-block walk back to the apartment, a girl in the group screamed. She was in a struggle with a strange man who was trying to mug her.garthThe man held her with force and was trying to take her purse. My best friend Mike, at 5'8" 140 lbs, stepped in & tried to separate them.garthAfter a struggle, Mike punched him. The man then lunged at Mike, and ran away. It took a few seconds for Mike to realize he'd been stabbed.garthHis favorite t-shirt was soon covered in blood from the wound, right below his left rib. He fell to the ground and was bleeding out.garthAfter a few mins, an ambulance arrived and rushed him into emergency surgery at the hospital. They cut him open from sternum to bellybutton.garthThey found the knife had lacerated one of his kidneys and a section of his large intestine — both of which would have to be removed.garthUpon hearing this, my other BFF Andy and I bought plane tickets to LA for two days from then. We needed to be with our best friend.garthBefore leaving, we contemplated what to bring him to show him we loved him. A card signed by all our friends? An ironic bag of kidney beans?garthThen, Andy had possibly the greatest thought that's ever entered his head: tattoos. I called my tattooist, who got us in same-day.garthWe flew down & entered Mike's room in the ICU. Imagine your best friend, a dozen machines keeping him alive at his absolute most vulnerable.garthHe awoke a few minutes later, very groggy. I wanted to cry seeing him like this. We started light conversation with him in hushed tones.garthAfter twenty or so minutes when Mike wasn't groggy, Andy and I looked at each other, nodded, and announced "Mike, we got something for you."garthWe lifted our shirts and revealed our gifts to him: bold, black tattoos of semicolons, placed in the exact spot he'd been stabbed.garthHe didn't get it at first, but we helped, "Well, since the part of your intestine you had removed was part of your colon, now you have a..."garthYou can connect the dots.garthWe all laughed and cried a little together, and told Mike how much we loved him. We left after a few hours, then flew home a few days later.garthMike has fully recovered with no lingering effects (save for being one kidney lighter) & they caught the assailant, who got a 13-yr sentencegarthIn 2014, Mike got his own tattoo. Our tatooist loved the story so much, he did it for free. Three semicolon BFFs. love you, Michael Gosselin. Please resist the urge to get stabbed again.garth

Couple reconnects on 25 years after teenage crush

Kim Kuhl and Evan Leach first spotted each other when Kim was 14 and Evan was 15. The two were at a YMCA summer camp in Black Mountain, North Carolina.

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"Things are pretty innocent at that age. It was one of those things (where) you have eyes for a guy,” Kim said. She said after the camp ended, she tried to find Evan, but had no luck.  "This was before social media, so I remember looking up his name in the phone book when we got home, and I remember going to events to see if he was there," Kim said. But she didn't find him.  Twenty-five years later, the two were both divorced and had joined to look for partners with which they could spend their time. Around Thanksgiving 2013, both Kim and Evan's subscriptions were coming to an end and neither had plans to renew.  But then Evan came across Kim's profile. She had changed her last name during her first marriage, and he had no idea who she was.  The two were both living in Tampa. He messaged her, and she responded.  "In 25 years, you age a lot, so if he had walked by me I wouldn’t have known who he was," Kim said. "It was his name that made me think, 'That is Evan.'" "The mid-'80s, YMCA Blue Ridge Camp," she wrote in a message to Evan. "I told him to go to my Facebook, and he said, 'I so remember you,'" she said. The two decided to meet up, and instantly hit it off -- again.  "This was the first time in six years or seven years since the divorce that I opened up to someone because it was so easy," Kim said. Evan proposed in 2015, and the couple were married in Paris in March. "I think it’s all about timing, people come in and out of your life for a reason," Kim said.

1 in 10 couples break up after vacationing together, study finds

You might want to reconsider that romantic getaway with your special someone after a recent study found that vacationing with your significant other does more harm than good.

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The Daily Mail reports a recent study by Holiday Autos found that one in 10 couples broke up following a vacation together, with 18 percent of the respondents saying too much time together was an issue with taking trips.

The study, which polled 2,000 adults, found that 40 percent of the couples expected at least one fight each day during the trip and 24 percent said the fighting would begin at the airport with their partner not helping with their luggage. Other issues at the airport included struggling to navigate out of the building and someone wanting control over passports or other documents.

The study also discovered that the most infuriating trip is one that involves driving, followed by trips involving beaches, family trips and bus trips. The most common argument starters were spending too much time together, spending a lot of money, too much alcohol consumption, finding a place to eat or drink and someone pressuring to organize the day’s activities.

“Squabbles about small and insignificant details can often snowball out of proportion,” Corinne Sweet, a relationship expert, told The Daily Mail. “It’s important to learn to stop an argument before it explodes. Take a deep breath and time out to think.”

Read more at The Daily Mail.

What happens when new hubby can't get visa for honeymoon? You take it alone and post epic photos

After a dream wedding, a dream second honeymoon to Greece was planned for Huma Mobin and Arsalaan Sever Butt.

But the dream of at the trip quickly became a nightmare when Butt couldn't get a visa in time for his trip, Buzzfeed reported.

Originally, Mobin was going to stay home and miss the voyage, but since it was paid for, she went with her in-laws, posting photos to her Facebook page showing the fun she wasn't having. 

Mobin posed with her arm outstretched, but empty and a pout on her face.

See the photos below or click here.

<iframe src="//;border=false&amp;template=slideshow" width="100%" height="750" frameborder="no" allowtransparency="true"></iframe><script src="//;border=false&amp;template=slideshow"></script>[View the story "Wife takes honeymoon when hubby's visa doesn't get there in time." on Storify]

Man with one week to live marries best friend

A Washington man originally thought he had six months to a year to live. 

That diagnosis came two weeks ago, but Darren Sisk has taken a turn for the worse, with his doctors telling him that he has less than a week, KGW reported.

He's not wasting time. The 47-year-old has married his best friend with the help at nurses at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center in Vancouver, Washington.

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His best friend, now his wife, has known Sisk for 10 years since he stopped a car from hitting Crickett's grandson.

Sisk suffered a broken leg in the accident. She visited him every day in the hospital. Their friendship turned to love, KGW reported.

In case you missed it: An incredible love story in Vancouver— KGW News (@KGWNews) July 5, 2016<script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

The groom's diagnosis came 15 years after he was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma. Radiation from that illness  is now causing his organs to fail, despite Sisk being in remission.

Sisk is also an expectant grandfather. His daughter is due to give birth in eight weeks. But since he's not expected to live long, nurses got a sonogram so he could see his grandchild moving in the womb.

Man marries smartphone, but not for the reason you think

Las Vegas is the place where anyone can get a quickie marriage. You just need the happy couple and a license and you're married.

Nowadays, people are more connected to their smartphones and devices than real people.

So one man decided to marry his smartphone. 

Aaron Chervenak drove from Los Angeles to Vegas to marry what KTNV called the love of his life, his cellphone at The Little Las Vegas Chapel on May 20.

But the "marriage" wasn't real, or even legal. Cheverenak did it to send a message.

"People are so connected to their phones, and they live with them all the time," chapel owner Michael Kelly said. "They're with them 24 hours a day. They go to sleep with their cellphone. They wake up with their cellphone. Sometimes it's the first thing that they check."

While the marriage isn't legally recognized by Nevada, the chapel won't turn away anyone who wants commitment ceremony, KTNV reported.

Watch the ceremony below or click here:

Meddling father blamed for newspaper ad seeking wife for Utah businessman

A meddling father who took out a full-page ad in an Idaho newspaper to help his conservative son find a wife is set to interview any interested women on Saturday.

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Arthur Brooks took out an advertisement in his son's name last weekend, according to The Spokesman-Review. The ad, which was decorated with red roses and featured a photo of 48-year-old Baron Brooks in a decorative picture frame, appeared in the Coeur d'Alene Press.

"I am looking for a wife who is ready, willing and able to have children as soon as possible," the ad said. "I look just like my picture except I now have gray hair."

The ad went on to describe Baron Brooks' ideal wife: Preferably, she would be between 34 and 38 years old; ideally she would have no children from any previous marriages and she would be expected to become a stay-at-home mom if she were to have any children with Baron Brooks.

"If you voted for Obama or plan to vote for Hillary you are not for me," the ad said. "I have asked my father to screen people for me. He will be at the Coeur d'Alene Resort."

However, Baron Brooks, who owns a pair of health food stores in Salt Lake City, said he had nothing to do with the advertisement.

"My father did this without my consent," Baron Brooks told the Spokesman-Review. "I can't even describe to you how embarrassing and ridiculous this is."

He described his father as "nuts," "neurotic" and "passive-aggressive" while speaking with the paper. Arthur Brooks recently went into congestive heart failure and, sometimes motivated by his want to have a grandson, "he's done some really kooky stuff," Baron Brooks said.

"This one takes the cake," he added.

Still, Baron Brooks said he has had hard time meeting women in Salt Lake City, and so he won't stop his dad from interviewing any interested women.

"What am I supposed to do? He already did it," Baron Brooks told the Statesman-Review. "No sense in defusing a bomb once it's already gone off."

Talk about coincidence: Couple's lives crossed before they met

There were nearly 6.1 billion people in the world in 2000, but what were the chances that a couple's paths would have crossed a decade before they met?

A couple who recently married discovered they almost met back at the turn of the century.

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Lu Yiqin and Zhang Hedong were going through photos for their wedding when they came across one from a trip Zhang took when he was 14 to the Giant Buddha attraction at Ling Mountain in Wuxi, China, Mashable reported.

The woman in the red coat behind Zhang is no other than Lu's mother -- and they say they have the photographic proof. 

Talk about timing, Lu's mother was at the couple's apartment when the photos were found, confirming she was at the location during the Chinese New Year holiday. Both families also kept the tickets from the trip and they matched, Mashable reported.

Gamer surprises girlfriend with 'Super Mario Bros' proposal

"Geeks do it better!"

That's what Shane Birkinbine wrote in the caption for a video that captured his unique proposal to his girlfriend last week.

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In the video, Birkinbine's girlfriend, Pam Edwards, plays the legendary "Super Mario Bros." video game with encouragement from Birkinbine.

Before long, Edwards' Mario character approaches a series of brick blocks.

"What does that say," Birkinbine asks his girlfriend.

"Where?" she answers.

"The blocks," he answers. "It spells out your name."

Delighted, Edwards asks Birkinbine how her name appears in the game.

Birkinbine, a self-proclaimed master gamer, says he built the level on Super Mario Bros Maker.

As Edwards' character continues to navigate through the level, the message is spelled out in full: "Pam, will you marry me?"

"Yes, of course," she says while laughing.

"Alright, go finish (the game) now," he says after the positive reply.

Edwards and Birkinbine met on a year and eight months ago, USA Today reported.

"Pam bought me the game for the Nintendo Wii several months ago," Birkinbine told USA Today. "Being busy with life and working, I had not had a chance to create my own level. So, it came to me to make the very first level a marriage proposal. It just seemed to fit as we both enjoy Mario games. So, over the course of a week, I would work on it after I got home in the evenings when she was fast asleep."

If any other Mario-loving gamer wants to borrow Birkinbine's proposal idea or if anyone simply wants to play through the proposal level, the level code is 7A61-0000-0245-8DE8, Geekologie reported.

<iframe width="390" height="219" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

John McCain's son responds to OId Navy ad with interracial family: 'Eat it'

Old Navy received lots of feedback after posting a promotional message on the company's Twitter account, adding a photo that featured a family sporting the retailer's clothing.

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The family in the photo showed three people interacting: a black woman, a white man and a black child.

But the company's effort to encourage diversity was met with lots of criticism, with some people saying the ad is "absolutely disgusting" and reflects "the genocide of the white race."

Despite some customers saying they'd boycott the store, Old Navy officials released a statement saying "We are a brand with a proud history of championing diversity and inclusion. At Old Navy, everyone is welcome."

Many Twitter users responded to the negativity with messages in support of Old Navy's action. Some even posted photos of themselves with their significant others, most of which displayed happy interracial couples.

The male model who appeared in the photo, Clay Pollioni, posted a message on Instagram saying, "I'm extremely proud to have taken part in a campaign that not only celebrates our nation's diversity, but also unites families with multicultural backgrounds and promotes love of all kinds.

I'm extremely proud to have taken part in a campaign that not only celebrates our nation's diversity, but also unites families with multicultural backgrounds and promotes love of all kinds! #LoveWins Thank you @oldnavy A photo posted by Clay Pollioni  (@clay_pollioni) on May 2, 2016 at 11:26am PDT <script async defer src="//"></script>

The woman that appeared in the promotional photo, Grace Mahary, also spoke out in support of the retailer. 

In light of the controversy revolving around my pretend family... I am proud to be representing interracial love, multiculturalism, and most importantly, a mentality that supports opportunity for all ethnicities. Thanks @oldnavy  #lovewins #hatefreezone A photo posted by Grace Mahary (@gracemahary) on May 1, 2016 at 3:28pm PDT <script async defer src="//"></script>

Another person who denounced the negative feedback Old Navy received is Jack McCain, son of former presidential candidate Sen. John McCain.

Jack McCain, a Navy lieutenant and helicopter pilot, is married to Air Force Reserve Capt. Renee Swift, a black woman.

He posted a message on Twitter to "the people upset about the (Old Navy) 'scandal,'" calling those people "ignorant racists" and telling them to "eat it."

His wife also posted messages on Twitter.

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