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Tim Tuttle

Well now Pecos Tim was born in the usual way to a real nice cowpoke and his wife who were journeying west with their eighteen children.

Kevin Kline

I am the president and founder of Snowdrop Foundation, which raises money for Texas Children’s Cancer Center.

Erica Rico

Hey y'all! I'm Erica Rico from The New 93Q Morning Zoo. I was born into a huge family in Arizona where I learned to cook and speak my mind!

2nd Date Update

2nd Date Update

Submit for a 2nd Date Update

Have you been on a first date but did not get a call for a second date? The Q Morning Zoo wants to help find out why from the other person and see if they will agree to go on a second date.  If so then the date will be on us.


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Q Zoo 10th Anniversary

Q Zoo 10th Anniversary

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    Critter Corner

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    Critter Corner

    Every Wednesday, The New Q Morning Zoo welcomes the Houston SPCA into our studio to share some light on animals we will feature on the Q Morning Zoo.