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Cycling Doesn't Cause Male Infertility: Study

July 9, 2014 -- Cycling doesn't lead to male infertility and erectile dysfunction, but it may raise prostate cancer risk in cyclists over 50, a new study finds.

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In the U.S., 53 percent of dogs are overweight or obese

Photos: Fat camps offer pudgy pets 'pawlates' to slim down

It's not just a people problem: Growing rates of obesity in pets have led to the emergence of fat farms offering "pawlates," ''doga" and "Barko Polo," doggie versions of Pilates, yoga and Marco Polo to help slim down man's best friend.

#1: Louisville, Ky.

10 worst cities for spring allergies in 2014

If you have problems with pollen, these are the U.S. cities to steer clear of during the springtime for 2014.


10 foods the feds OK'd for DNA changes

They're just not the way nature made them anymore.