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  • Houston Heritage Society - Camp Logan Aug 24

    Guest was Ginger Berni with the Houston Heritage Society. We talked about a new HHS exhibit on WWI training Camp Logan, what is now known as Memorial Park. A favorite among Houston's joggers, Memorial Park has a tragic and heroic historical past that not many people know about. After America entered WWI, Camp Logan was quickly set up to train soldiers. While it was under construction, a group of black soldiers were involved in a race riot triggered by the belief that one of their own had been killed by white Houston Police. The ensuing riot and subsequent court martial ended with the hanging of 16 soldiers and life sentences for 12 others. We discussed how 100 years later the violence in Ferguson Missouri seems to echo that time. We also discussed the rich history of the camp after its construction and the demolition after WWI, as well as its subsequent development into what we now call Memorial Park.

    8/25/2014 listen   download 
  • Nick Finnegan Counseling Center Aug 24

    Guest was Amy Birchill Lavergne (Executive Director & Family Therapist) at the Nick Finnegan Counseling Center. They're a nonprofit committed to bringing mental health awareness and education to Houstonians. We discussed the myths associated with suicide and the signs & steps to help prevent it. We talked about the recent tragic death of Robin Williams through suicide, and how mental illnesses can exasperate it.

    8/25/2014 listen   download 
  • Surfrider Foundation Texas Upper Coast Chapter - Aug 17

    Guest was Ellis Pickett, Chairman of the Surfrider Foundation Texas Upper Coast Chapter. We talked about The problems facing Texas beaches such as erosion and development. We also discussed the Texas open Beaches Act and a recent Texas Supreme Court Decision on the OBA that some say threatens the future of Texas Beaches.

    8/21/2014 listen   download 
  • 9/11 Heroes Run - Aug 17th

    Guests were Colonel Tom Manion (Travis Manion Foundation) and Captain Greg Fremin (HPD). We spoke about the upcoming 9/11 Heroes Run here in Houston, the Travis Manion Foundation, and about the new book, “Brothers Forever,” co-written by Colonel Manion. We talked about the inspiration for the 9/11 Heroes Run, and how the Travis Manion Foundation got started. Colonel Manion also shared some personal stories about his son, Travis Manion, and why he co-wrote the book, “Brothers Forever.”

    8/21/2014 listen   download 
  • The Center for the Healing of Racism Aug 10th

    Guest was Cherry Steinwender, who is the Executive Director at The Center for the Healing of Racism. They're a nonprofit organization here in Houston, whose mission is to facilitate the healing of racism through education and empowerment. We talked about how racism affects every single group of people, and not just minorities. We talked about stereotypes, and how it propels racism. We discussed how racism is portrayed in media, and how that conditions the way we view it. We also covered ways to heal from the hurt caused by racism.

    8/12/2014 listen   download 
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