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  • Guest was Gabe Canales with Blue Cure

    Guest was Gabe Canales with Blue Cure. Blue Cure, a non-profit dedicated to providing information on integrative approaches to prostate cancer prevention and treatment. We talked about the different treatments for prostate cancer, including the relatively new approach focusing on preventative dietary and lifestyle habits before cancer strikes. We talked about prostate cancer prevention, and the emotional, mental and educational support of prostate cancer survivors, their caregivers, medical treatment providers and advocates.

    12/15/2014 download 
  • Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

    Guest was Helga K. Aurisch, curator at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. We talked about the new exhibit “Monet and the Seine: Impressions of a River.” This is a landmark exhibit, never before assembled. We talked about Monet, and his fascination with the Seine river. The exhibit is made up of 52 paintings by the Impressionist painter, chronicling his life and career along the river. We talked about how a collection was acquired from museums, and private collectors all over the world. We discussed Claude Monet's personal history, including a tumultuous family life and a failed suicide attempt, as well as the painter's treatment of light, atmosphere, and the horizon.

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  • United Health Care of South Texas

    Guest was Dave Milich. CEO, United Health Care of South Texas. We talked about open enrollment for employer health insurance. We discussed the importance of evaluating insurance coverage annually, what to consider when selecting insurance coverage and changes insurance companies are making to be competitive. We talked about ways to save money on health insurance, incentives to improve health, and how to make the most out of your plan.

    12/1/2014 download 
  • Houston Habitat for Humanity

    Guest was Allison Hay with Houston Habitat for Humanity, and Brian Ching, former professional soccer player with the Houston Dynamo, now on the board of Houston Habitat for Humanity. We talked about the Houston Habitat nonprofit home building program. We discussed how partner families are selected and the requirements to be a partner family. We talked about the financial training each partner family goes through, and the investment of money and hours expected of them. We talked about Brian's involvement with Houston Habitat, and how he raised money for three houses to be built. We talked about the Habitat communities, and the 1000th house to be built in 2015. We also talked about the new women's soccer team, Houston Dash, and how they may be involved in the “Women's Build” event in May.

    12/1/2014 download 
  • Lonestar Veterans association Life Nav Program

    This was a special one hour FYI program focusing on the Lonestar Veterans association Life Nav Program. My guest was Bryan Escobedo with the Lonestar Veterans Association. We talked about the challenges veterans face when trying to navigate life outside the military. Life Nav specially trains mentors with military service, to help veterans dealing with finances, homelessness, education using the GI Bill, Legal issues, relationships and mental health issues. We talked about how Life Nav mentors, using a series of specific questions, help veterans take inventory of their needs, and make a plan using available resources to balance life. We talked about how veterans find themselves adrift after leaving the military, and how isolation and a loss of identity can lead to poor decision making. We talked about the special challenges during the holidays, and how the Life Nav program puts someone in their corner, and forces them to be accountable. We discussed the epidemic of veteran suicide and addiction, how the first two years out of the military can be the most challenging for veterans, and how the military could do more to help prepare service men and women for the transition to civilian life.

    12/1/2014 download 
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